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The Maxwolf Events Society is a volunteer run, registered British Columbia non-profit. Our members attend festivals and fundraisers in the Vancouver lower mainland as costumed performers. We draw big crowds, get lots of pictures and raise the spirits of everybody at events and have lots of fun.

All are welcome to join the group as a fursuiter, handler, or a supporter! This sites purpose is to showcase our appearances, videos, pictures, code of conduct, and much more.

📜 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can use the contact us page to leave your email and feedback, question, idea and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ideally you should bring as little as possible to prevent losing things since some of the events can have lots of people there and be very busy.

For example if you plan on suiting up with the group and have no place to store your wallet, phone, keys then you should wear a backpack on your suit so you can carry these things with you. Several members in the group use camelbacks for carrying about 2L of water on them which can also be used to hold your personal items and a change of clothes for when you are finished at the event.

For a complete checklist you should take a look at the event checklist which will give an overview of what fursuiters and handlers should bring to events.

Please check out our code of conduct for more information about the behavior expected of members while performing at events.

Yes, this group is known as MAXWOLF EVENTS SOCIETY in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Our incorporation number is S0068941.

Yes! We use telegram, the link to the public chat is:

Donations are more than welcome and help cover the cost of things like this site, water bottles for events, car rentals to transport suiters and equipment, custom badges for members, safety vests for handlers, hotel rooms for staging near events, and much more that all go right into this events group activities. Check out the donations page for more information!

Members can suggest ideas and locations for events, this must be something the rest of the group seems interested in and the person must also be a member of the group and come to an event at least once.

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