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Second ledger for the society! This shows our balance leading into 2020. This year we ran 14 events and several more dinner meets. Sadly we couldn’t do Furries On A Boat 2019 and had to refund people their tickets. One of the largest events we went to this year was Canada Day 2019 with over 100k people! The largest meet we had this year was at New West Pride 2019 with 43 attending!

First ledger for society and our starting year with opening balance leading into 2019. We ran 18 events in 2018, hosted two of our own Furries on a Boat, and Furries on a Trolley. We also have our first year review which dives into details about members themselves.

Sharing this type of information and being transparent is something new in the furry community. By doing this our intent is to set the standard for how our events should be run going forward and let the community know where their money is being used.

Dates Detail Amount Balance
2018-03-23 Costs, Swag -$10,249.35
Ticket Sales $9,267.00
2018-08-25 FURRIES ON A BOAT TOTAL -$982.35 -$982.35
NW Pride Promo -$79.36 -$1,061.71
2018-10-24 Costs, Swag -$928.99
Ticket Sales $848.00
2018-11-04 FURRIES ON A TROLLEY TOTAL -$80.99 -$1,142.70
2018-03-28 Donations $1,041.00
Sales $100.00
Product -$993.96
Expenditures -$387.18
2018-11-30 TOTAL -$240.14 -$1,382.84
Miscellaneous Payments
at-loss to Director
Server Payments
at-loss to Director
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