🎃 Halloween Parade 2019

This years Halloween parade was very exciting! The crowds were so happy to see us it made the energy as we marched get higher and higher! A huge thanks to the 14 fursuiters and 8 handlers we had out there with us today!

🌐 World Festival 2019

This was our third year at World Festival and we had a great time out there in the crowds. So many amazing photos and people with us this year thank you to the 12 fursuiters, and 8 handlers that joined us.

🏳‍🌈 New West Pride 2019

This was such a nice event so many awesome people that recognized us from years prior and invited us to other events is truly heartwarming. 17 fursuiters, 11 handlers, and 15 attending made for a wonderful event so nice to see everybody out there!

🏳‍🌈 Sunset Beach Festival 2019

Festival after the pride parade in downtown Vancouver. Our group met up here and had a great time shaking tail at the beach. A huge thanks to the 12 fursuiters, 6 handlers, and 10 attending that made this years pride that much more special!

🏳‍🌈 Pride Premiere 2019

A party circling the Vancouver Art Gallery and the opening to the Pride season in Vancouver. Thank you to the 8 fursuiters, 6 handlers, and 12 attending that made it out with us for this event!

🍁 Canada Day 2019

Canada Day is always such a wonderful event! Vancouver crowds are so friendly, the pack got pics with thousands of people by Canada Place and Gas Town. A huge thanks to the 12 fursuiters and 9 handlers that came out with us you all helped make today the best Canada Day we have had yet!

🏳‍🌈 West End Festival 2019

West end festival is a huge event with over 40k in attendance. We roamed on Denman down to Sunset Beach and back and got tons of pics with the public and fans! A huge thanks to the 10 fursuiters, and 7 handlers at this event.

🎩 Hats Off Day 2019

Huge, one-day street festival featuring a colorful main-street style parade. A big thanks to the 16 fursuiters and 9 handlers that came out with us today!

🎭 VanCAF 2019

Vancouver comic arts festival! This event is packed with comics programming, comic creators from home and abroad. A huge thanks to the 12 fursuiters, and 7 handlers that came out with us.

📸 VancouFur 2019

Nice seeing all the pack members at the local convention here in Vancouver! We attended a few panels, met tons of new people, got pictures with fans, and had a wonderful time!

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