🎩 Hats Off Day 2019

Huge, one-day street festival featuring a colorful main-street style parade. A big thanks to the 16 fursuiters and 9 handlers that came out with us today!

🎭 VanCAF 2019

Vancouver comic arts festival! This event is packed with comics programming, comic creators from home and abroad. A huge thanks to the 12 fursuiters, and 7 handlers that came out with us.

📸 VancouFur 2019

Nice seeing all the pack members at the local convention here in Vancouver! We attended a few panels, met tons of new people, got pictures with fans, and had a wonderful time!

✨ Fairy Tale Party 2019

Fairies and fools was a great private party the group got invited out to at the Vancouver Club downtown. A big thanks to the 20 fursuiters and 5 handlers that came out and participated!

💋 Taboo 2019

Taboo is always such an amazing event where we can be ourselves and have lots of fun interacting with the other attendees. A HUGE thanks to the big crew this time with 18 Fursuiting, 9 Handling, and 13 Attending this makes for a great way to start the year with our first public event of 2019!

🚎 Furries On A Trolley 2018

Thank you to the 17 suiters and 10 handlers that came out with us on the trolley ride! We will be doing this again in the spring for sure such a nice day out there!

🏆 Minecraft Builds 2018

Showcase from our private Minecraft server running Direwolf20. These are some of the builds members have worked on in survival over the last couple months!

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