Tag: Richmond World Festival

🌐 World Festival 2020

Richmond throws a great culture festival that includes tons of vendors, live music, performers, and great crowds. Our pack roams the event around Minoru Park and will be interacting with the crowds and taking pictures and videos as we go. This event can be quite busy with over 50k people in the area, this will be our fourth year attending this event!

🌐 World Festival 2019

This was our third year at World Festival and we had a great time out there in the crowds. So many amazing photos and people with us this year thank you to the 12 fursuiters, and 8 handlers that joined us.

🌐 World Festival 2018

The Richmond World Festival is the City’s signature event attracting over 40,000 people in 2017. What a great crowd out there and wonderful music. Our group was 9 Fursuiters, 5 Handlers, and 2 Attending.

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