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💋 Taboo 2020

Thank you to the 18 fursuiters, 11 handlers, and 2 photographers that helped us make an awesome event! Taboo is always such a wonderful show it was great to roam around and interact with the crowds and vendors there!

💋 Taboo 2020

Enjoy entertainment, provocative and educational seminars, unique shopping, fashion shows and LIVE demonstrations. This will be our third year at the Taboo naughty but nice show it’s always fun interacting with the crowds here. Reminder that this event is 19+ and we have a limited number of slots for suiters and handlers.

💋 Taboo 2019

Taboo is always such an amazing event where we can be ourselves and have lots of fun interacting with the other attendees. A HUGE thanks to the big crew this time with 18 Fursuiting, 9 Handling, and 13 Attending this makes for a great way to start the year with our first public event of 2019!

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