🎭 Fan Expo 2020

The pack went out to party at the annual Fan Expo in downtown Vancouver. So many beautiful costumes and great crowds! A big thanks to the 8 fursuiters, 3 handlers, and 1 photographer that made it out with us today!

💋 Taboo 2020

Thank you to the 18 fursuiters, 11 handlers, and 2 photographers that helped us make an awesome event! Taboo is always such a wonderful show it was great to roam around and interact with the crowds and vendors there!

🕹ī¸ Neon Fox Arcade 2.0

We had an amazing new years party with 15 fuzzies hanging out and playing games to bring in the new year! Thank you to everybody that came out and celebrated with us for the last event of the year!

âĒ Rewind 2019

In 2019 we hosted 14 events and several more dinner meets on top of that. One of the largest events we went to this year was Canada Day 2019 with over 100k people! The largest meet we had this year was at New West Pride 2019 with 43 attending! Looking forward to seeing all you amazing fuzzies in 2020 for season 4 of events!

📸 Howloween 2019

Howloween was a blast this year! Thank you to everybody that came to the group photoshoot this year it keeps growing bigger each year you are all such amazing animals!

🕹ī¸ NeonFox Arcade 1.0

Had a blast at this private arcade event we will be doing this again in the future for sure! Thanks to the 6 suiters and 6 attending that came out to game with us and stomp around!

🎃 Halloween Parade 2019

This years Halloween parade was very exciting! The crowds were so happy to see us it made the energy as we marched get higher and higher! A huge thanks to the 14 fursuiters and 8 handlers we had out there with us today!

🌐 World Festival 2019

This was our third year at World Festival and we had a great time out there in the crowds. So many amazing photos and people with us this year thank you to the 12 fursuiters, and 8 handlers that joined us.

đŸŗ‍🌈 New West Pride 2019

This was such a nice event so many awesome people that recognized us from years prior and invited us to other events is truly heartwarming. 17 fursuiters, 11 handlers, and 15 attending made for a wonderful event so nice to see everybody out there!

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